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Tablet not working for gimp
Hi, I'm new to gimp and would really like to get into digital art. The problem is, i can't get my pen to move on the program. it just sticks to one place on the canvas and doesn't move anywhere, even though i'm moving my actual pen. I have the drivers installed on my Huion H610PRO. I just got it last christmas and I haven't been using it since then because of this. There's nothing wrong with the tablet, or my computer. Can someone please me before I put digital art away from me?
You will probably have to wait for a Huion user to come along. Other makes than Wacom can always be a problem.

This thread said use the latest driver:

This one I think. HuionTablet_WinDriver_v14.7.9.157 (date stamp Sept 2018) so this might be newer than the one that came with your tablet. Worth a try.

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