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Text Along Path Problem
Hi. I have a problem with Gimp. When I try it I am getting the error. I watched a lot of videos but could not reach the solution.

Whenever I try to write a curved line, I reach the reverse and uneven writing. And this text is far from the line.


How can I fix this? Undecided

Your images links don't work: "403 Forbidden :Request forbidden by administrative rules".

Add the images using the forum attachments, or put them on imgur.
I have updated the pictures.

Thanks for your interest @Ofnuts. ^_^
This is because T-A-P lays the characters using the path direction... but the catch is that there is nothing that shows you the path direction... If the circle is centered in your image, you can flip the path (Filp tool in Path mode) or even the whole image (Image>Transform>Flip..., but do this before you add the text layer)) either vertically or horizontally to change the direction of the path.

To make your life simpler, on you will find:
  • ofn-path-edits, that reverse the direction of selected strokes in a path (among other things)
  • ofn-text-along-path, that has a reverse option (so you don't need to reverse the path), as well as other
    options that you could find useful (such as centering the text in the path...)]
  • ofn-path-to-shape, that can create circles with a know start point
I can see some more obvious issues.

1. The text is centered and the text box is big and fixed - no good doing that.

[Image: lhSdegK.jpg]

2. You get a correct result with left justification and a dynamic text box.

[Image: kMk57BJ.jpg]
edit: That should read dynamic not fixed

3. But the text is not suitable for the top of the circle. Before applying Text-along-path use the flip tool on the path. Select the correct mode for path and horizontal, click in the canvas. If everything is symetrical like that circle you see no change but the path will reverse. Now apply Text-along-path to give.

[Image: U8Ru6uY.jpg]

Then for a symmetrical setup just a matter of using the rotate tool in paths mode.

This is an old video of mine showing the above and a bit more: Might help
Just an addition, Adding a (carriage return) ENTER key either before or after text, puts the text path above or below the reference path. That is the same as Gimp 2.8

A change in Gimp 2.10 is the rotate tool. No longer puts the center of rotation at the center of the canvas. You have to set that value yourself.

[Image: 4iDQWA7.jpg]
An image is worth a thousand words, and Rich's all-in-one screenshots are worth a thousand images Smile
Thank you very much for your help. @Ofnuts @rich2005 

I had the opportunity to try your suggestions now.

But that's what happens when I try it.


If I use the flip tool, I can not get the result I want.


If I choose a fixed box, I get an erroneous result. Like the first message.

Actually what I'm trying to do is like the this picture.


Finally I apologize to you for my terrible English. I write these lines using Translate. Sometimes it can translate incorrectly.  Confused 

In addition, I will say something else. @rich2005, why did not you write the name of the video more descriptively? I've been looking for this video a lot, but I can't found it. Can you arrange the name and description of that video? Thus, those who experience this problem find the video faster. ?

Thank you again for your help. ^_^
You shouldn't flip the text path, you should flip the circle path. This will change its direction (from counter-clockwise to clockwise, normally).

Note: this seems to be  a change in 2.10, the path from a selection runs in the opposite direction.

Bug report:
Quote:..@rich2005, why did not you write the name of the video more descriptively?

It was originally posted on the old GUG (gimp-user-group) forum and people would find it there. That forum is gone. It is a remake of an even older Gimp 2.6 version. Not going  for a big remake but there are significant differences in Gimp 2.10, so a shorter demo. Five and a half minutes. Hope it helps

direct link to video

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