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Text Defaults to 18pt font
I change the font size but once I begin to type the font goes back to 18pt font. I am using gimp 2.8
Is that for a specific font only? hen you says the font goes back to size 18, that means the size selector in Gimp is reset to 18?

It would help if you stated the operating system (Windows / Linux / OSX) A Mac might have some bug, however generally, using the text tool.


1. You type in some text, the size (24) is the same in the tool options - a global value and the on canvas display - a local option.

2. You want to continue with a different style (size font spacing) so change the size in the on canvas tool.

3. Continue and the size reverts to the global value, 24

4. To change the style select the text on canvas, and that might just be a single space character, then adjust the size.

5. Click on canvas in the selection and continue with the new style.

This can be open to user error, not getting in the selection.... I find it easier to create the whole text in one style then go back and select the bits I want to change, change the values on canvas as required.

As a note. Exactly the same in Gimp 2.10

An old video I did on using the Gimp 2.8 text tool - might help

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