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Text Manipulation
I am using a png file and trying to adapt it as there is a spelling mistake - just 2dn needs to turn to 2nd but I cannot highlight copy paste or otherwise manipulate the letters into the correct spelling.

What am I doing wrong?

I cut and then paste but then when I go back for the other letter it either disappears or sometimes it tells me there is nothing to cut, except there is.

I suppose it must be another layer

I just want to move some pixels from one place to another and cannot do it

Wasted an hour so far

Pinta is completely dead in 18.04 so have no choice but to try and work out the notorious Gimp.

Huh Huh
1. Use the rectangle to make a selection on the d
2. Edit>Copyor Ctrl-C
3. Edit>Paste As>New Layer
4. You now have a new layer in the layers dialogue with just the letter d
5. Repeat 1-4 for the n
6. On the original layer you will have to paint out the dn - can't say exactly what method to use without seeing the image. Possibly use Colour Picker tool to set the foreground colour and then use the paint brush.
7. In the Layers Dialogue select the d layer.
8. Use the Move tool to move it into position
9 Repeat 7-8 for the n
Do you know what font is used? Is the png background a plain colour or a pattern?

Rather than cut and paste, Might be possible to erase the background, using solid colour, or clone tool or heal-selection if a pattern. Then just type in the new text.
OK, two methods to try thanks Smile

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