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Text over Text in Different Color - How to Seperate?
OK forum experts.  I have an image of a 1000 year old manuscript which has black ink on one side that shows through and reddish/brownish ink on the other.  I want to see only the reddish/brownish ink and make the text on the reverse not visible.  
Here is a segment of the image (the full image was too large to post).
If you are successfully able to diverge the texts, please be specific in what you did (e.g. if you used some color mask, what value was it set to).

thank you!
A difficult assignment because the color shades are very close to each other. Something that might help you further is this filter from G'Mic-Qt (play with the sliders):
This may help you (play with the colours and sliders)
Found on GC :

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