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Texture Map: How to recreate an image from scattered selections?
Hello all,

 I am working on a game texture of a sports arena. The Arena texture (the stage specifically) comes in 2 .png files made up of all the stage parts' textures rotated and squished together to fit into the the 2048x1024 canvases.

[Image: 2hwme01.png]

 This particular stage has 3 pillars, mirrored on either side of the entrance way. The pillars themselves are made up of different pieces (highlighted here in blue, red, green)  and stand in front of the stage, obscuring some other panels (highlighted in white).

The White panels fit together in the texture map, into a rectangle (2 white selections in the texture map1)

[Image: 281ecnr.png]

Which is the area I want to replace with a flat mage that takes up the whole rectangle, and is not obscured by the three pillars.

[Image: 143mjo5.png]

I essentially want to eliminate the pillars, by having them display the texture that will be behind them. 

An example for clarity, say the background image I wanted to use was a beautiful picture of Stockholm, 

[Image: fth3er.png]

The issue I have is that I'm a beginner to gimp, and the selections are scattered around the texture map in different rotations and placements.

So I need help with the best method of taking the individual selections from the texture map, overlaying them onto the desired background image, copying it, then taking that selection and pasting back to the texture map to its original location (with rotation and placing). So that the game will display one image across the whole side (mirrored on the right as well).

Ideally, I would end up with an .xcf file of all the texture pieces, and a process whereby I could replicate with different background images, creating different stages without having to do all the selecting every time.

Please ask any questions if I have left out some needed information.

Thank you for your time.

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