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Texture for Blender
Hi, I am trying to create my own PBR textures for Blender. The below link says a lot of things about it ( some of them I do not understand )

In short, a PBR texture inputs colour, roughness, displacement and normal PNGs or JPGs as seen below

[Image: zyKerHW.png]

Wondering whether I can create them using GIMP?

I took a photo on my mobile of a wooden material and applied it as colour, which works. Then I tried roughness and displacement. Roughness using grey scale + Bump map in GIMP and displacement using filter > map > displace.

Both roughness and displacement JPG worked but with little detail added. I guess, my base photo is not very rich in detail (maybe I am wrong because I used a 108MP camera ).

It would be nice to know if such actions can be performed using GIMP.

Looks like GIMP can do it. This is after using Map > Bump and Map > Displace through Filter

[Image: W7PfWmV.png]

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