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The Playground
For those who went straight from Gimp 2.8 to Gimp 2.10 two experimental tools seem to be missing. Note the experimental These are a n-point deformation tool and a seamless clone tool

These can still be enabled using the switch --show-playground In Windows it would be

C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-2.10.exe --show-playground

The switch can be added to the launcher or a one-time use to enable either of the tools

[Image: 7d9N81a.jpg]

This gives a new entry Playground in Edit -> Preferences Restart Gimp for these to show in the ToolBox.

[Image: QIjm4sb.jpg]

These are experimental, not much use on any larger images, ok up to about 1500 x 1500 pix then become very-very slow (or crash).

The n-point deformation looks like this: click and drag nodes around to deform the layer.

The seamless clone takes a copied selection and merges with a layer taking into account the colours in the layer: The point being you can move this around before fixing in position the merge changing when moved.

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