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The little forum that could
Actually we have been steadily above GC in the past month, according to Alexa we could be the leading Gimp forum right now (we are ranked 261K):

[Image: w3lufDs.png]
pretty confident that 261K is the top one now.
I see that is on your list. Dodgy

I tried to connect, but get a Server Not Found error.
Not my list, this is the standard "guest" Alexa display.
(02-14-2021, 03:22 PM)Ofnuts Wrote: Not my list, this is the standard "guest" Alexa display. Don't know why they still list it either...
I found this forum through Google, the first time.
Just created a simple page for monitoring alexa ranking or sites to see visually relatively comparison to each other.
The default page shows all sites I am interested in
but anyone can specify their own (comma-separated) list of sites that they'd like to see for
the shorter the green bar the better.
for example:
using parameter:,,,,
Excuse me being cynical, but is this just a plug for your lottery forum ?
not really I just created that page on thelotteryforum and wanted to share the tool to quickly compare any bunch of sites of interest.
Very depressing, wins by a long margin.

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