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The main page for all my plugins
The site for my plugins is again working. I might as well mention that there is also a master page where the links to all my plugins can be found:

I don't remember having mentioned it before.

And the big problem is of course that the plugins are not maintained any more, and with Gimp3 they will be obsolete. This is a pity since there is, I think, material that would deserve preserving and porting to Gimp3. But that will not be done by me. Well, that´s life.
@ Ottia Tuota, it was a great honor to see that you, like Ofnuts and others, could take gimp to a higher level. Thanks for that.
Nice to see you around Ottia Tuota,
About GIMP 3, indeed I think it's a pity as well, lot of things won't work anymore Sad

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