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This isn't going to attract new users in Somerset
(11-04-2022, 09:08 AM)Ofnuts Wrote:

Considering that the appearances of the "Gimp" figure have been going on for years and there have never been any cases of violence of any kind, why do you even care how the person dresses? Even more so when everyone already knows who this person really is; there seems to be no doubt about it.

I don't think halloween is celebrated in this town.

The concern itself on the part of the residents is even valid, but the exaggeration of this concern is not.

In short, a bad choice; from the Phantom Blot, where to live in his retirement.

[Image: 7ASb3gI.png]

Felix the Cat shouldn't make that same mistake.

Maybe it was a bad choice of color... white might be welcome...
[Image: 905kiqK.png]
Samj PortableGimp 2.10.28 - Win-10 /64.
I was unaware that there were so many connotations of the word "gimp", and certainly was unaware of the 'leather-clad prowlers lurking to torment the timid' interpretation. I honestly always thought that "gimp" was a double entendre. The official GNU related version, as well as a humorous smirk towards the dodgy cursor misbehavior when working with gimp under high magnification. Crippled, in other words.

As far as the good people of Somerset are concerned, we've had our own instances of mass hysteria as well......if you are so inclined then run a search for "The Mad Gasser of Mattoon", otherwise known as the anesthetic prowler.


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