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Tile a seamless pattern
Hey guys! I use gimp on occasion but definately an amateur at it. Im currently paying a gal to take seamless images I find on vector stock, put them together then to a certain size, with the pattern on the image being around 1" in areas. Im terrible at explaining so here's another explanation: Take said image, tile it, then scale it down. I can't for the life of me figure out how to tile an image on gimp 2.8 (only version I have). Ive googled several times but it always wants me to create my own tile image, which isn't what im trying to to. any help would be great appreciated!
What format are these seamless images from vector stock ?  A vector image should be filename.svg Is it that or something else?  If you can give an example, so much the better.

The next thing is Gimp does not use real-world units, it uses pixels. If the image gets printed then a pixels-per-inch (ppi) value is used. Example: 1" x 1" @ 300 ppi = 300x300 pix or 1"x1" @ 72 ppi = 72x72 pix What is the intent of a final image, printing or web display - it does matter.

Tiling is straight forward.
Export your tile as a png.
Put it in the gimp patterns folder possibly something like /Users/MyName/Library/Application Support/Gimp/2.8/patterns
Open a new blank image
Bucket fill with settings like this:


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