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To the folks who maintain GIMP
I was over on and read this

Photoshop will Soon Employ an AI Masking Tool

Would we see this employed on GIMP Platform in the near future?
The folks who maintain Gimp aren't here. I'm pretty sure that the Gimp developers know about this and other similar endeavors.

This said:
  • Modern AI is mostly clever and glorified statistics. This means vast amounts of data... and some rather labor-intensive training, currently out of the reach of open-source/volunteer efforts like Gimp.
  • AI promises a lot. Demos always work... a bit like Gimp tutorials. Whether this applies to real-life cases is a different matter.
A tip to NOT waste your time:
Make less photos and think more before touching the camera button. You will need much less masking, and if you really need to mask (if by clicking you thaught "I will have to mask this, no other mean to do what I want to say), are you sure you have intelligence© inside?
Do you really need vast amounts of data to make the same conformist things as the millions fb, instagr, flickr... publishers ???

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