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Translating scripts back into steps
I have a bunch of scripts i'd like to study/reverse engineer.
Sadly i dont understand the scripting language, and its a lot of work to look up every step with the console.

Is there a way to "play" a script in slowmotion so i can watch the steps, or some kind of verbose log or something ?
Nothing for this purpose. ... But what you can do, however, is:
  • remove the calls that alter the undo stack (usually, undo_group_start() and undo_group_end(), that put all the script actions into a single undo/redo step).
  • play the script (with a big undo stack...)
  • undo  (Ctr-Z) repeatedly until you are back to the initial state,
  • play the Gimp actions step by step using Edit>Redo (Ctrl-Y).

If there are too many steps, you won't be able to redo them manually anyway Smile
Nice !

Its even better with the History tab.

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