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Transparency under Gimp2.10.6
(09-14-2018, 12:29 PM)Ofnuts Wrote: What worked like a charm?
Putting brush in legacy mode: color stopped spilling into the transparent section of the layer.
And, about legacy/normal mode FOR LAYERS: is just my fancy, or increasing transparecy in a layer (i.e.,  sliding control to left)
- increases transparency linearly in legacy mode
- increases it LOGARITMICALLY in the new normal mode?
At least, with layers in mode normal, saturation, overlay, and others, in the new normal mode, I have had to decrease to around 30% to get an effect like legacy mode at  around 70%... Decreasing at around 70% in the new mode has next to no effect that I can see.
QUERY: if that is not my fancy, is there some reason behind the difference in speeds?

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