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Trying to Edit a Pre-Existing Animated Gif, frames get fuzzy
Hello all,

I'm attempting to edit an animated Gif file.  This one to be exact:

[Image: archer-metoo.gif?w=650]

I want to remove everything prior to when Kreiger says "me too!".  But, every time I delete the frames prior to that, the image gets fuzzy.

This is the end result:
[Image: Ch4JulJ.gif]

I'm not sure what I did wrong, or how to fix it.  Does anyone have any experience with editing Animated GIF files?  If so, do you know what I did wrong?
What version of Gimp? no matter. Too many screenshots so not in-line

1. This is an optimised animation where duplicate parts of the image are built up as the animation progresses. You can see it by the amount of transparency in the layers.

2. Use Filters -> Animation -> Unoptimise to get a new image with all the layers 'solid'. Makes a new image.

3. Just a tip but you can toggle visibility of all layers on/off using shift-click on the layer visibility icon. That gets me down to Frame 21.

4. Delete layers Frame 28 down to Frame 20

5. Quite a big animation still so providing all editing is complete optimise it Filters -> Animation -> Optimize Makes another new image.

6. For once you do not have to mess with the gif export settings.
Awesome! Thanks for the reply!

I actually intended to make that image private, but accidently posted it. And got a reply that worked for me.

Based off what you said, your right it is optimized. What the user suggested was taking a screen shot of the image I wanted to start at, and insert that as a new layer. That worked for me, in this case. Here's the end result: .

That said, I'd like to actually remove the amount of building off each preceding layer. So that others can adjust it to their hearts content. So that would be removing the optimization?

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