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Ubuntu 22.04 adding gimp-python support
Moved on to Ubuntu 22.04 (or one of the spin-offs) ? Then installed Gimp only to find your python plugins no longer work. One option is use a Gimp flatpak, although it is sandboxed which has some drawbacks. 

This is about using the regular Gimp installation.  I found the old packages to install gimp-python had too many incompatibilities, too many 'broken' to remove.

Fortunately there is a linux 'appimage' that you can use to start a regular Gimp 2.10 and add python support. 

The appimage comes from here:

(edit: For 'buntu 22.04 there is a bit of a twist, it requires the application 'fuse' which is deprecated, no longer supported. You can install this which removes the installed fuse3, but it might be better to keep that newer version.)
No longer needed if you use the appimage launcher

So the installation procedure goes:

Install Gimp 2.10
sudo apt install gimp

Install python 2.7
sudo apt install python2

Put the appimage in its own folder, make sure it is executable, and from that folder unpack it.
./gimp-mathmap-22-04jammy.AppImage --appimage-extract

That creates a folder full of files squashfs-root and in there is a file AppRun which starts Gimp and adds python support.

Easy Wink This the inevitable video demo:

for some reason I deleted this ?

An extra: A regular Ubuntu being Gnome DE does not spoil the user with utilities. Nothing easy to create a launcher or .desktop file. There is the alacarte package available. In true Ubuntu style it is broken, so attached is a little desktop-file-creator. Unzip it and run it.

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