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Use the Filters->Enhance->Noise Reduction in a script
I am new to Gimp and script processing and I could not find the name of the procedure for the following feature in Gimp:
Filters -> Enhance -> Noise Reduction.
I would like to use this function in a script.
Does anyone know how to address this procedure?
Kind regards
mwmuc Huh
I am sure one of the scripting experts will be along but as a starter

Filters -> Enhance -> Noise Reduction is a GEGL procedure and at the moment not script-able in Gimp.

There is the Gimp 2.8 despeckle plugin that can be taken from a Gimp 2.8 installation for use in Gimp 2.10
The g'mic plugin. Ian's denoise filter should work.

It will definitely help if you narrow your OS down to one of Windows (7 / 10 ?) or Linux (which distro)
Thanks for the quick answer. OS is Windows 10 or Linux Ubuntu 19.04.
So far I used "Filters -> Enhance -> Noise Reduction" because it has only one parameter (strength) and does the job beautifully for my files.
I will look into Q'MIC plugin's options for noise reduction in more detail.
It is clear already that they have lots of parameters.
G'mic filters do have lots of parameters, that is true. You might use it on a typical image. It can write to a log file if you set that option in gmic settings.

Attached a script as an example. Uses gmic default values for ians noise reduction. A one-liner, no adjustable parameters. Registers in the tools menu. Unzip & pop in your Gimp plugins folder.

Keep looking back here, there are scripting gurus around who will give better recommendations than me. It is not really a good idea to use a dependency such as gmic in a plugin.

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