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Using filters marked by a "G" in python-fu (GEGL?)
I was writing a python script to apply a filter to all layers in an image. When I went to try and add selective gaussian blur(took me a while to figure out that's a surface blur in GIMP) I could not find a way to do it. Doing some searching it seems the G stands for GEGL. Trying to use GEGL operation from tools menu the corresponding or similar/equivalent filter seems to be "bilateral filter". Intuitively it feels like I should be able to use any filter as long as I provide parameters with python-fu, but I guess not. Is there really no way to use these filters from python-fu? 

just fyi, I'm a beginner to GIMP, and a bit familiar with python.
Unfortunately, there is no Python API (or script-fu API) for these functions. Technically, the GEGL functions can also be called in a command prompt, so you can theoretically export the layer, run your GEGL commands, and import it again.

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