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VERY slow resizing in 2.10.14
I often have a photo image, in Gimp, size of up to 5000 x 4000 pxs & maybe 50 or more undo histories, and 20 layers. The image is maybe 600 GB.  I FLATTEN the image & delete the undo history, & size is now 58.8GB. When I try to resize the flattened image (to 1800 pxs longest size), the status bar will quickly go 2/3 of the way across the bar and then stop. Then I have to wait often 5 minutes for it to finish resizing. I have 64bit op. system, & tile cache is set to 6GB in Gimp. I have the dashboard open on my toolbox, and it shows no excess or limit when this problem happens. I just have to wait a long long time for it to resize.  If I SAVE me flattened image first as an XCF then close the image from Gimp, then reload the flattened 58.8 GB image into Gimp, then resize it, it resizes quickly. Its as if the long time resize is trying to resize all the 20 layers, even though I flattened it. I didn't have this problem before I upgraded to 2.10.14 a month or so back. 
      Can any one help?
How much memory is it when you reload? 58GB for a 20Mpix image is quite a lot, when I load an image from my 20Mpx camera the image is 750M (converted to 32-bit FP...). And after copying/pasting layers, i get up to 3.6GB, flattening the image take me up to 4.8GB, but deleting the undo history bring the image back to the initial 750MB. When you image is bigger than the tile cache size Gimp starts swapping to disk and this can slow down things tremendously.

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