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Ver 2.10.20. Does noit save exif
The check box to save exif data is there and checked but greyed out. I understand libexif is required. I find exif-12.dll in the "Darktable" folder. How is it activated for Gimp?

See if this makes any sense to you. All in one Win10 Screenshot Gimp 2.10.20


Looking at a Windows installation it comes with libexiv2.dll unlikely the libexif-12.dll will work(1)
By default in Edit -> Preferences -> Image Import & Export the Metadata is exported when available (2)
In an Export dialogue Save Exif data is enabled but the text is dimmed (until mouse over) (3)
When Save Exif data is un-ticked then the entry is normal (4)
All to do with lousy dark theme, in system theme, just displays as  (5)

Have you checked that any metadata is actually saved whith Gimp when SaveExif data is enabled?
Still no luck

After saving edited image  I check with Irfanview and exif data fails to appear. To be sure I also open with EXIF Viewer downloaded from CNET and reports exif not found.

As you can see the original exif is available as viewed in Irfanview  before loading to  GIMP for processing.


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