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Vote for our next logo
Gimp-Forum is no longer WIP, so it's time for a logo/banner change. Fortunately, Espermaschine had plenty of good ideas to replace our logo while keeping it clean and simple. So, which one do you prefer?

(click for larger view)

You can also compare them by toggling the visibility of layers in the attached XCFGZ (one logo per layer).

You can vote for up to three logos.

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80 percent of these ideas are sketches i made in 10 minutes, not designs.
They are in no way finished.

The one with the pen and ruler is especially awful and not meant as anything other than a general direction that could be further explored.

Number 9 is the only one that could be called a design because we modified my idea to ofnuts' wishes and adjusted a few things.
How about throwing it open. Put out a few specs (image size, colour scheme, etc) and see what comes up.
(Time to download and use that ArtisticTalent.py plugin?)
Here are a few more ideas. Feel free to edit / adapt.

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Criteria are: "techie, but accessible, clear, straight to the point".


  1. some value, but keeping a margin between border and letters would distort them less. It is also an obvious ploy to flatter the ego of some admin.
  2. isn't going to go well with some folks Smile
  3. why not
  4. not very readable
  5. not very readable
Also, blending well in the current theme shouldn't be overlooked.
Number two is already taken by the LGBT and 'My Little Pony' community.
(01-02-2018, 09:08 PM)Espermaschine Wrote: Number two is already taken by the LGBT and 'My Little Pony' community.

And Nyan Cat!
Instead of making this a public design contest, maybe we could all look out for examples of websites with good design and copy one that looks nice ?

I must say that website design is not really something i have a lot of knowledge about.
The choices are probably pretty narrow. You have to stick to a colourscheme, keep it simple and easily readable (also on mobile devices).
Avoid complicated texteffects or too much detail and it must fit the overall theme of the website.
(01-04-2018, 12:59 AM)Ofnuts Wrote: And G-F.n is more like a repair shop Smile

So maybe G-F needs a spanner or a bunch of gears in the new logo ? (serious question)

EDIT: not sure if want....problem is always that everything is so tiny.....version one could be confused with a sun or a star...

2nd is better, it just needs the gears to match.

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