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Well done, Pat!
Using displacement map made the trick.
The trick with making these effects really look good is using images and materials that go together well.
The rose is a tough one, because there are lots of individual petals, that are arranged in a kind of circular array.
If this was really wood, the texture wouldnt go in straight lines through the rose, and it would follow more along the curvature of the petals.

A pixel displacement doesnt really work that well with such an extreme displacement because you get artifacts, and you dont want to blur your texture to counter that, because then your final result would look all fuzzy.

What you could do, is render individual petals and apply the texture at different angles with a layermask but thats a lot of work and is also problematic with the perspective of the petals meeting at the inside of the rose.

EDIT: To expand a bit on how quickly a displacement gets ugly, i used the blurred and desaturated Lenna image, to displace a grid by just 5px (Lenna image is 512x512px).
This shows that you really need to use a texture that is forgiving.


When you overlay this grid on Lenna's face, it looks really bad and theres no way you could do that on a bigger image. You can get away with it, when you use a different colour that blends a bit better with her skintone, so that it naturally masks the artifacts.

[Image: 9614-20170301-6d39a5.png]
Looking good, GIMPER2 !
[Image: 9620-20170303-948499.png]
[Image: 9621-20170304-c44f41.png]
  [Image: 9623-20170304-d7c1d9.png]

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