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Water Ripple
Now playing a bit with 2.10.
This mini filter was initially ported to 2.9.9 and tested with 2.10 RC (OK, it runs properly).
This filter is not ORIGINAL, i.e. has not been invented by me: 
I took a nice existing filter (in .scm) from RobA and ported into python (plus some bits and bytes).
If someone is interested in the original I attach it here too.
It's the versions I have in my folder, menu has been modified, it will appear under:
"<Image>/BestFilters/Distorts/Water Ripple..." (I do not remember the original menu).
My filter will appear under "<Image>/Diego/Ancillary2"
A sample image (original and outcome using defaults) is attached.
The filter reflects the part of the image which is selected (on the original the bottom part was selected).
Hence, to my taste, it gives the best result if we:
- select an image
- create a new one having the original with a doubled vertical canvas size and adding a duplicated layer reflected vertically
- merge to obtain the attached sample (input)
- select the bottom part
- run the filter to get the attached sample (outcome)
Comments, critics, suggestions are welcome.

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.7z   DIEGO_Ancillary2_WaterRipple299.7z (Size: 1.96 KB / Downloads: 76)
.7z   water-ripple.7z (Size: 1.74 KB / Downloads: 73)
I dont know exactly how this filter works code-wise, but theres a whole world that could be explored with displacement maps effects.
Works fine here in Gimp 2.10 rc1 appimage without modifications.

[Image: U4mwTKW.gif]

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