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Wavelet Decompose failed with layer groups
I just installed the Gimp 2.10.06 portable version of Samj.
Already in the first filter that I chose (Wavelet Decompose) to use I was awarded with messages of errors and malfunction of the filter.

After displaying windows with error messages, the filter performs its routine and creates what should be the expected result. But the result is far from what should be obtained by the filter. (bizarre result)

However if you choose not to work with layer group, the filter works perfectly.

Is this problem happening with all Gimps 2.10.06, only with the portable version of Samj, or just on my pc?

Could someone with version 2.10.06 do this test?

Thank you in advance!
Reported bug:
(08-24-2018, 10:01 PM)Ofnuts Wrote: Reported bug:

Now it is to wait for Samj to release an updated version when this problem is corrected. 

I will return to using Samj Portable 2.10.01 which does not have this bug.

Thanks a lot Ofnuts!  Smile
Bug fixed in current Gimp code:

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