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What versione of this plugin?
What version can I download for Windows?
(10-20-2021, 10:56 PM)Uth2022 Wrote: What version can I download for Windows?

It's for Linux (and Debian based distro), there is nothing on this page for Microsoft Wink
On the other hand, by googling "GIMP Commodore 64" I found this thread on the first link where it seems there is a python(.py) plugin which should work on all OS (more reading and searches are recommended)
I good look around and nothing found for Windows and Gimp.

The plugin provides support for these file types (with extensions)

Quote: Advanced Art Studio .mpic AFLI .afl Artist64 .a64 Art Studio .ocp Blazing Paddles .bpi
Drazpaint .dp64 EAFLI .eafli FLI64 .fli64 hws ? Image System .64i Interpaint Hires .ip64h
Interpaint Lores .ip64m Koala Paint .koa Rain .rain SHFLI .shfli SHFLI-XL .shlxl
sprite ? Suxx .sux Twilight .tbe Vidcom64 .vco

You could use a virtual machine with a linux installed. The plugin has dependencies which needs an ubuntu 20.04 / Mint 20, if you have one of the above files types to convert. A bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Have you tried asking for advice on a Commodore forum such as
From the code it uses a Python library so could run anywhere. The difficulties is 1) identifying the python lib (that could have changed names), 2) praying for a Pythonv2 compatible version, and 3) installing for the Python runtime used by Gimp.

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