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Where do I save my Brushes on Windows 10?
(05-21-2019, 05:31 PM)pha3z Wrote: create full color brushes to simulate stamping with tranparency.

Note that Gimp has several types of brushes.

1) .vbr
parametric vector brushes

2) .gbr
static (single layer) brush
2a - grayscale
2b - rgb

3) .gih
animated (multi layer) brush
3a - grayscale
3b - rgb

4) .abr
photoshop brush, similar to 2a above
Not all .abr brushes work in Gimp

grayscale or rgb - set in Image > Mode

grayscale: white will be transparent; black will be foreground colour; gray will be semi-transparent foreground colour. NB don't use any transparency here; use white for transparency!

rgb: as created ie white is white, black is black, red is red, transparent is transparent

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