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While getting a drink from the cooler...
So i moved my forum to as some of your may know by now.
I searched for "" and it shows pages of results so that's good.
But i search for "gimp forum" and it's not on the list is still shown on page 2 or 3.
Do you know if google would detect that it's moved and list it if so about how long (do you know)?
Or would google be like hey this is just a copy of and black list it as copied site and toss it somewhere super low ranking and not even appear on list when searching for "gimp forum".
Anyone know or have a good guess as to what google might do? ofnuts? anyone?
Google lists GimpLearn when you ask for it. Google is slow to change. Be patient.

In other news, according to Alexa, we jumped to #2,289,211, and 28% of our visitors are sent by Google.
great news.
#4's rank in the US is amazingly at 657,120

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