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Why can't i no longer remove a background?
I have been removing backgrounds on gimp for a couple's old hat. You open an image, apply alpha channel, use free select tool, go around image till ants march, go to select, scroll down to path/invert...back ground is GONE...but now I can't get it to remove the background anymore. I had some old images I wanted to bring the color up on. Saved them to JPG, and today I was going to remove background...but GIMP won't remove the background...."any" idea's! Thanks

Actually, I found out what is wrong. I have pictures that I used Microsoft Publisher to put a quick dark border around each one, then saved it as a jpg image. If I try to remove the image from "inside the" border, the background , including the border will be eliminated. If I try to include the border "with" the picture, "nothing' happens, the background does not get removed...anyone know why? Seems strange!! I went through microsoft publisher to apply a border, cause it is a whole lot quicker than gimp, to place a border around an object.
There is no "path/invert/"

Can you post a sample picture?
As well as a typical image, can you describe your workflow. Somewhere along the line you will be missing a step.

EDIT: Well you did describe your workflow. It is going to be selection mode issue. A couple of questions. Is it a 'fancy' border? Very easy to add a plain border using Gimp, even if you erased it. More complicated borders and there are scripts available. With that in mind I will add a FWIW to the following.

As an example, usual background type procedure. lots of screenshots so not in-line

I make a selection, and then invert
Cutting, removes the background including the border. Was a jpeg, no transparency unless you add it.

So I try and use the rectangular selection tool to include the border.
The selection mode is default replace and does this

What I can do is put the rectangular selection in intersect mode
Which then gives this:

Gimp being Gimp has more than one way of getting to an end result. Layer mask is good. Quick mask for painting in a selection is possible as well, or a mixture of different methods.
Can also add a border with a brush. Fancy even, if the brush is fancy. Make your selection where you want the border to go. Select to path and stroke after you select the brush, colour and dynamics.
Layer > transparency > Add alpha channel

I think it's a bug

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