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Why is smudge turning the paint white ?
On a full painted layer smudge tools works but on a partly painted layer if I go off the paint and back on to the paint it turns the paint all white ?
Why is smudge turning the paint white ?
I don't see this happening; What I see is the paint getting some transparency, showing the layer(s) below (which can be a white background).

Really need more details of the image and the smudge tool settings.

Assuming there is transparency involved?

What are the smudge tool settings? Lots in Gimp 2.10 where in particular rate & flow make a big difference and bring FG colour into play.

I just want to mix colors together like you would with oil paints on a canvas is that not what the smudge tool is for ?

I need flow to stay at 0 cause I don't want to add paint .

another pic

using gimp 2.10.2

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Can't reproduce that, even after tputting the smudge tool in the same settings as you. Can you reproduce that on a small image (say, 200x200, with as few layers as necessary) and upload the XCF (your are allowed 2MB upload for XCF, you can also save using the XCFGZ or XCFBZ2 formats, that are compressed).
So where thinking it's glitch with just my Gimp n PC ?

Could I have something set wrong somewhere else ?

I could uninstall n reinstall or go back to a earlier version or something ?

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.xcf   testwhite.xcf (Size: 43.58 KB / Downloads: 20)
Can't reproduce your problem, even on the 2.10.2 Windows. It is seldom useful to restart Gimp, but renaming your Gimp profile to have Gimp start afresh is a possibility.
Actually did it for me but I can't say what is the cause. I would usually use smudge to go out of the colour and not back.


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