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Will's Script Pack search
I looked everywhere on USB drives but couldn't find this script, does anyone have a copy of "Will's Script Pack" I think it's filename was 'wills-animerge.scm' or similar.
Also I'm in need of another script (I think it's an .scm, but it's possibly a python file), it makes the background layer appear behind (assuming transparency..) or overlaying all the subsequent layers which is handy for animations. I know it would help if I knew the name, but unfortunately it escapes me right now!!
Don't know the first one.

For the second, my own ofn-interleave-layers should do it. Note that if you are using Gimp 2.10, you should use a script written/updated for it, pre-Gimp2.10 scripts will only use the "legacy" blend modes.
I found one link in deviant art which took me to a set of scripts in the now defunct plugin-registry site. Files starting sf-will-xxxx.scm Certainly sf-will-animerge_0.scm is there.
Zipped those and attached.

Ofnuts has a script that merges / adds backgrounds / titles ofn-interleave-layers  4 down here

There is also a script that is useful:  
In the Animation section: Combine background / Overlay background.

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Thanks Ofnuts, although it was a different script that works well enough!
(EDITSmile OhEmGee that was quick, thanks Rich, and you found the real second one I was after: "Combine background / Overlay background " - cool, many thanks!

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