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Win10 How to startup ImageMagick ?
Hello & Thanks ,
Windows 10 x64
I just installed "
When I click on "magick.exe
all I get back is a momentary flash of something , then nothing .
How to startup ImageMagick ?
ImageMagick is a command line utility. It runs in a command prompt (aka "black screen"). So, normally:
  • You start a command prompt (seach for "command" in the Start menu).
  • You use the "CD" command to navigate to the folder where you keep your files:  cd c:\Users\{your_id}\My Documents\Pictures
  • You issue "commands": magick convert the_file.png the_file.jpg or even worse magick convert the_file.png {a_whole_lot_of_parameters_you_have_to_figure_out} the_file.jpg`. The documentation, Google, DuckDuckGo, your favorite forums are your friends.
Sounds complicated? Perhaps. But not that hard, this was how things worked before the invention of windows-based interfaces. And there is a huge advantage. Once you figure out an incantation that works you can put it in a file (aka "script", a .BAT file in Windows) and can then repeat it at will, and this will be much faster that doing (and reembering) all the clicks again in a window-based app. For instance I have a short script to make a smaller version of my photos, with a bit of added contrast and some sharpening where the "core" is:

magick convert "$f" -modulate 100,120  -geometry 3000 -sharpen 0x1.0 -quality 85 "$dir/$(basename "$f" .JPG).jpg"

Of course it took me a while to figure out, but Id did that only once... and used it many times since.

Some more information on the command prompt:
ImageMagick is primarily a command line application run in a Windows 'cmd' terminal. There is not even a half-decent Windows GUI that I know of.

You have made things slightly more difficult using the portable version, the installer has an option to add IM to the Windows path. Just means a bit more typing on your part.

This is a very quick look at starting IM - 3 minutes of video

What do you want to do with IM?The best place for questions is usually their own forum in the users section.

However, if you can give details of what you intend maybe someone here can assist.

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