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Windows XnViewMP as a file browser
A sometimes problem. A Windows user annoyed that Windows Explorer only shows Gimp .xcf files with the default Gimp icon.

Does anyone know of a fix ?  

As an alternative there is XnViewMP. Download from the xnviewmp forum:

You can use it to browse a folder of files and view any that interest you. Set up to edit in an external editor, that is Gimp. It can make the workflow a little smoother for Windows users.

A 4 minute video  

I like the slideshow option in XnViewMP. It is easy to setup and shows the images full screen. Also one can have multiple instances of XnViewMP. I have several different folders that I frequently use. I have multiple XnViewMPs open at the same time each with a different folder and they update automatically when changes are made to a file in another application. I setup the same common folders in Gimp. I peruse in XnViewMP and then call up the file in Gimp which is also open most of the time if it needs to be edited.

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