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Writing a script to create multiple files
I am looking for someone who can write a script that:
Runs Quadrilateral symmetry*
Adds a border to the file (from an existing file)
Saves as .xcf with a different name
Exports to .png
Runs Quadrilateral symmetry*
Crops to predefined dimensions
Adds border
Repeats a few times from the "save as" point with different borders and dimensions

*This is from a script created by ofnuts. I can provide a copy of the script to aid in creating the new script.

There is a lot more to the process, but I wanted to make it as brief as possible in order to provide enough information but not to make this post a mile long.

I am not really sure if a script can even be created for what I want to accomplish, but someone way more knowledgable about scripts would know much better.

Thank you,

BTW: I am using Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit (soon to be moving to a machine with Windows 10 Home 64-bit) and the GIMP 2.8
Quote:Adds a border to the file (from an existing file)

Have an example of that?
It's good to hear from you, ofnuts. Thanks for asking for clarification.

I have attached one of the border files to be added/opened.

Attached Files
.svg   Square Border.svg (Size: 1.55 KB / Downloads: 46)
This is typically a border that could be generated in Gimp. Are all the borders that simple?
Yes, all of the borders are that simple--just squares and rectangles, and I am not locked into the svg files. It was just quicker and easier when doing this manually to pull in an svg with a keyboard shortcut than to make a border for each file, considering I usually process anywhere from 25 to 100 of these files at a time.

I trust your judgement. I know you always work to make things as simple as possible, and I appreciate that.

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