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Your Gimp initial settings
When Gimp starts, it loads settings:
  • Active tool (for each pointing device)
  • Foreground and background colors
  • Pattern
  • Brush
  • Pattern
  • Palette
  • Font
  • Interpolation method
  • Specific settings for each tool
These setting can be either:
  • Some fixed settings you have set once for all
  • The settings at the end of your last session
If you are a beginner, the first solution is usually best, it allows you to remove strange settings you have set by mistake by quitting Gimp and starting it again. The second setting is better for seasoned users who in addition tend to work on a single image for extended periods of time.

To create/update the settings once for all:
  • Set everything as you wish (active tool, colors... use the list above as a starting point). 
  • Open Edit>Preferences-->Tool options
  • Untick Save tool options on exit
  • Click Save tool options now
Instead of checking tools one by one, you can also click Reset saved tool options to default values and then update a few settings before hitting Save tool options now.

There is a more up-to-date (Gimp 2.10) version of this here.

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