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Zip-a-tone or Screentone effects
Hello Friends

No longer able to afford photoshop. I'm a screenprinter looking to do a zip a tone (screentone) effect. What are my options? The only info I find regarding is from 2011 ish.   Cheers in advance.
Apart manually creating a classic screentone (as I understand it) defining areas and filling with a pattern.
screenshot (a quickie):

Only thing I can think of at the moment is a plugin, autohatch: screenshot with original inset: 

Attached if you want to try it: Unzip, and assuming a Windows user (please update your profile with details, it does help Wink ), the goes in your Gimp 2.10 user profile plug-ins folder C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins

Find it in the menu Filters -> Artistic -> Hatch -> Autohatch Limit the number of "hatches" otherwise very slow.

There will be other options, maybe someone will come up with something. Also a good place to ask the question is the forum

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Another possibility, not strictly screentone, it is a halftone.

Tools -> GEGL Operation then in the drop down menu Newsprint.


With smaller values of 'period' might be useful. All depends on the image, if you can post an example of requirement it helps. The problem with coming from PS is always expecting Gimp to work the same way. You need to 'unlearn' those old procedures.

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