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adding a set of images to a audio visualization :: how to achieve this?
having a bunch of images that i want to add to openshot - can i create a little film by adding them to openshot!? Is this possible!?+++

love to hear from you

[Image: file.php?id=20493&t=1]

- note: i want to add this audio - visualization to the bottom-line of the film that is created out of the collection of images!

is this possible - see the images that i have attached, i now am trying the get this done. I will read the manpages to find out how to achive this.

[Image: file.php?id=20494&t=1]

look forward to hear from you

yours Say hello [Image: happy.gif]
Is this going to be a slide show ?  (Rather than moving video, which needs 25 images per second)

Not much Gimp involved, although I would advise pre-scaling images and adding any padding ('pillars' for the sides or 'letterbox' for the top) I use BIMP to batch convert for this, if you need a linux version let me know.

Otherwise, it is import the files into Openshot, drag into the timeline in the order required, adjust duration and overlap for a simple fade between images.
Add your audio track, same thing drag into the timeline, adjust the length.


and here it is gone Wink
dear Rich 2005

first of all : many many thanks for your quick reply. I am very glad to hear from you!

Well i want to add the audio-visualization to the track that contains the images: that is what i want.

I need to put one on the other...
I do not understand audio-visualisation. Not an Audio Track ?

Do you mean sub-titles ?


I would ask on GimpChat - there is one member there that does that type of video.
(11-29-2020, 08:35 PM)hello dear Rich, it is a track that i have created with a VSDC video editor - this software allowed me to create a visualization of a audio track i will upload these two files  somehow - and you can see it.. just wait...  rich2005 Wrote: Smile I do not understand audio-visualisation.  Not an Audio Track ?

Do you mean sub-titles ?

i look where to upload the stuff

hello dear Rich 2005

see here the content

note: i have several images - i want to add them to openshot and create a little film
then i want to add the audio-vizualisation (a soundsample that has got some visualisation)

the adding should go into the black part of the image .-/(the film ) in other words at the bottom line.

this is a proof of concept - nothing more - but i want to see how it works...

love to hear from you

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