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an example of image manipulation
Hello, everybody
for those who are interested, here is an example of processing a photo to create the image of my site "Remains of a mausoleum" in five steps (because the number of attachments allowed in a thread).

First step : the initial, quite banal photo (I don't know why it can't be attached jpg 400px X 247px 103Ko ; when I try everything crashes ! ?)

Second step : first treatment in Canon DPP4 ; I applied my "gilging" tonal composition and straightened the perspective and cropped. You will see that we still have a photo

Third step : first processing in Gimp ; I apply the "despeckled" filter in recursive ; an interesting shape is outlined. It now remains to strengthen and clarify it    

Fourth step : second processing in Gimp ; I apply the "neon" filter in saturationTSV. At this moment the image is formed, but very "dirty" ; so all that remains is to clean it and improve colors (saturation, contrast...)

Then, the cleaned and finalized image (that of the site in the section History and Journey)

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