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anybody using RobA's Analyze and Select Color Range plug-in ?
I was watching a video tutorial yesterday, and PS has a Colour Range selection tool, which RobA's plug-in was inspired by, i think.
Had it installed for a long time, but not really used much so far.
Unfortunately i couldnt get good results with it, especially not by adding or subtracting from an already existing selection.

You can find the image used in the tutorial here.

This is what the colour range looks like in PS. You select a colour with an eyedropper, which is basically what Gimp's Selection Tools do, but there is an interactive fuzziness (=Threshold) slider.


The goal is to select the hair and change the colour with Colourize and a layermask.
In the end i used the Fuzzy Selection Tool, because i couldnt find a way to select all the hair with the RobA plug-in.
But theoretically this tool should be able to make a better selection.

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