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back to GIMP after years - now i want to dive inot all that
good evening dear Sir,

hello dear GIMP-Experts

i have used GIMP  years before - and now i gladly found back to gimp.

i now want to dive into all that - working with GIMP. I have found allready that there were good handbooks and things like that.

btw:  one question regarding the creation of pics - its a Question about AI, e.g. the possibilities and limits: can you, for example, recreate photos with AI? So, for example, if I say, take a photo of xy in the situation at xz.

E.g. a man gets on a bus!? or so?!

Dear GIMP.-Experts - i will start over with the work on GIMP i have lots of questions. so expect me to come back on a regular basis.

st barr
Gimp doesn't contain any generative AI, if that is the question (one problem of generative AI in the FOSS world is that this requires an enormous amount of data to work with, and only corporations have the money for this).
Dear Ofnuts
many thanks for the quick answer - very glad to hear form you.
well i am a true open source fan and i never ever would install photoshop or any other similar things on my notebook
for a special task i need a photo that i will rework - (afterewards) in GIMP.

ill come back later the day
have a great day

yours Saint Barr

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