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basic move / selection question
Just getting started with GIMP, sorry for the newbie question LOL.  I can paste an object and initially move it, scale it, etc.  But when I go back and re-select (rectangular selection) that same area for a move it grabs the object but it also grabs the whole canvas.  How can I keep from selecting / moving the canvas?

Thanks in advance.
Very common beginner question.

When a selection is pasted initially it is a 'floating' selection layer. As you found easily movable while still in that 'mode'. There are then options to either merge down to the layer below 'Anchor', fixed for ever-more or promote to a new layer.


To move that new layer, use the move tool. For an image with multiple layers, the move tool finds the first layer under the cursor with a solid pixel and moves that layer. Very often the background layer. Two options. Make sure the cursor is on a solid pixel or Make sure the correct layer is active and use the 'Move active layer` option.  


Also this is a common problem with text layers where there is a lot of transparency between the characters
Thanks for this. I have already used "new layer" several times. I still have a lot to learn.

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