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can't see last action
        Hi , everyone
I've got some small issues with the latest version of Gimp 2.99.18
It looks minor issues but i swear we loose a considerable amount of time because of this

I can't see what was the last thing i did. The cancel option doesn't show me what it's about to be canceled , it used to work properly and it was very useful 

When i save , the preview option doesn't recognize transparency and instead shows a black rectangle. When we are working with and saving many transparent layers , it is very useful to see what we are about to open

"export as" doesn't show the last file i saved which is a problem , it is mistake inducing (saving the wrong file)

Is there a way to fix this , can you (the Team) try to fix it ?

Thanks for reading and sorry for my english

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Try the "Historique d'annulation"

For the rest, possibly bugs. 2.99 isn't a "production" version. There are no Gimp developers here. If you want to report a bug see here.

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