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(09-01-2023, 02:59 PM)silverbirch2003 Wrote: still  cant  find that  drop  down ....... tool  options ..........  to     fix  the  clone  alignment

That  trick  of  dragging the  tool box  over.....  once  a   1  inch  column on the  right hand  side......  gives me

a good  view of   tool  settings  so  I  prob  dont  need to  have a  seperate  toolbox  window

Samj PortableGimp 2.10.28 - Win-10 /64.
thanks again..... finally got there and set ....... fixed ........ for the alighnment for the clone tool ...

all these years Ive be struggling with the clone point moving up and down !!!!
ALL THAT effort to make the clone selectin stay still

come back to gimp and its moving again !
(09-08-2023, 05:23 PM)silverbirch2003 Wrote: ALL  THAT  effort  to  make  the clone  selectin  stay  still

come  back to  gimp  and its  moving again  !

Gimp does not have a mind of its own Wink

Up to the user to set the options.

With the clone tool active, go down to the bottom of the tool options and set the alignment to Fixed 

I do have a little sympathy with you, by default Gimp remembers the last settings used (that can be changed). 
That property has not changed in twenty years. I do wish the GImp developers might make a "Simple Gimp" for new users, much as Photoshop has a cut down Photoshop Essentials.
Seem to be ok now... the clone select area is fixed and steady
could it be I opened an old file and the settings became what they
were back then ?

suddenly I see a scissors tool... but no lasso.. select tool
is the scissors tool better to use than the select tool ?
or are they pretty similar... the scissors tool puts small white
circles on the object .
(09-12-2023, 02:24 PM)silverbirch2003 Wrote: Seem to be  ok  now...snip...I  opened an old  file  and  the  settings  became  what they were  back  then  ?

The Gimp settings are held in various files in your Gimp user profile, For Windows that is C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\.....

When you Save as a Gimp .xcf certain Gimp properties are saved with the file. Grid settings / Guides / Active Selections / additional Channels are saved.

Export as a png / jpeg / etc and layers are flattened and you lose the above.

Quote:suddenly  I  see  a  scissors  tool... but  no  lasso..  

Gimp 2.10 keeps the tools in groups, click on a tool and select another from a drop down menu. Remember, everything is duplicated in the regular Tools menu.

this a 30 second demo:

Quote: select  tool  is the  scissors  tool  better  to  use than the  select  tool  ? or  are they  pretty  similar...  the  scissors  tool  puts  small white  circles  on the  object  .

It is a matter of personal preference. I never use the scissors tool even though it is deemed 'smart' usually opt for the free select tool. Small white circles, these are control points for the scissors tool see: You can click and drag them.
iM back on this clone thread ... I wanted the clone select to stay
in same place to get the colour from one point

Now Im thinking that having the select spot move .. might be useful
say in copying hair ... so Im back to figure out how to do it

alignment is the key word.... got to change it from fixed !
(12-19-2023, 05:36 PM)silverbirch2003 Wrote: iM  back on this   clone  thread  ... I  wanted the  clone  select  to  stayin  same  place  to  get  the  colour  from one  point
Now  Im  thinking that  having the  select  spot  move  .. might be  useful say  in   copying  hair  ...   so  Im  back  to   figure out how  to  do  it
alignment is the  key  word....   got  to  change it  from  fixed   !

Well the Gimp docs are a starting place Although it is a bit verbose.

The best way is just try the options and see what they do.

Fixed uses the selected point just like a brush, it is not variable. Use it like a stamp or click and drag it is the selected pixels.

Aligned moves the origin as you move the cursor. That lets you paint in a section from one area to another.

None is a cross between Fixed and Aligned. Fix a source then click and drag to paint in an area but release the mouse button and the source returns to the original point.

for what it is worth a quick animation I moved the tool options to show the clone alignment.

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