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copying and pasting .png to .jpeg
(03-09-2022, 09:40 PM)Kelmaur Wrote: new here..and am having fun with GIMP

i created a logo for myself and i am trying to figure out how to copy and paste it as a whole

on top of a jpeg i want to use for the background...without doing it layer by layer

is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any help
  • Open the JPEG
  • File > Open as layers and select you XCF
  • Chainlink all the PNG layers together to move them
Or, starting from the multi-layer image:
  • File > Open as layer the JPEG
  • Drag it to the bottom if the stack
  • Align it as wanted to the PNG layers
  • Image  > Fit canvas to layers

In both cases your problem is adjusting the relative positions of the JPEG and the PNG layers if they aren't the same size.

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