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create logos 3D outline error
When I make a logo 3D outline with the default parameters, the last letter of the text is not full created :
When I change one of the paramaters of the logo 3D outline, Gimp crashed with an error and when I click on the error box, GIMP close down.
When I restart GIMP I get an recover choice :
When I recover the error I get this :
Is the error known ? I get no errors with the other logos.
If there is a solution, thanks in advance for any reaction

The old scripts removed from Gimp 2.10 go way back. Many of them produce poor results or like 3D Outline just do not work. Could be re-written but who will do it? That 3D Outline goes back to 1998, the early days of Gimp.

Not difficult to reproduce, just takes a little longer
1. Make some text
2. Layer -> Transparency -> Alpha to selection
3. Make a new layer
4. Stroke selection with a pattern to get the outline.
5. Turn the selection off.
6. Duplicate that layer, desaturate, blur for use as a bump map
7. Bump map the outline
8. Apply a drop shadow.
(turn visibility of the text layer off somewhere in that list)

[Image: TyriXE5.jpg]

The inset made in Gimp 2.8 with the script for comparison.
Thank you for the quick reply and for the tip, I give it a try.


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