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delete image
(04-28-2021, 01:19 PM)cobnashine Wrote: New to GIMP.  Created new image (File->New) which brings up a window where I specify the width and height (in pixels).  I set these values (1092 X 1092) but then my project is too large for this size.  So I would like to "delete" the first image (and it's contents) and start over.  How is this done?  Can't figure out how to "select" the entire image and delete it.  Under Edit->Clear nothing happens.
At present the only choice seems to be to close the file and delete all changes, then create a new image and, when it is the desired size, save it to the previous name and overwrite.
Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.

Instead of starting over, you can change the image size with Image ➤ Canvas size. Possibly check this first.

Otherwise close the image window/tab and confirm that you want to discard the contents.

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