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do you think Adobe is nervous about open source graphics ?
(05-16-2018, 02:30 AM)drutgat Wrote: I used to use CorelDraw's Version 9 Suite (years ago - used it for years).

I can't remember the version, but I started with Corel back in 94. I had to make a car stereo diagram for a car stereo installation I did so they could put it in a magazine and I found it quite intuitive. (The price was reasonable as well.) I used it for a long time until it just died. I never had a job where I needed graphics software so I could never justify paying for anything Adobe. I toyed with many Photoshop trials just to know it some, but then found Linux, gimp, inkscape, etc...

Inkscape has always been there for anything I just couldn't do in gimp, but I can say I never truly warmed to it. Even when I needed it, I was still back and forth with gimp and found myself mashing the wrong shortcuts in both programs. One thing Corel and Adobe did have over open source is consistency between their raster and vector programs. If gimp and inkscape could ever become a true "Suite" that complimented each other and worked in unison, that would be something to make a few companies a little nervous indeed. (Throw in Blender to boot!)

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