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do you think Adobe is nervous about open source graphics ?
It will take a lot to shift professionals to Open Source anything. For one thing cost of 'renting' is passed on to the client in the price, so that is not an issue.

Ad*be profits rocketed with the introduction of the 'renting' model.

Then there is the insidious M$/Ad*be free/cheap provision to college/university staff and students. They then graduate and assume nothing else is suitable. (although there is/was an Australian University which handed out CD's of OpenOffice to new students)

A friend of mine is a university archaeology lecturer, has to use M$ Office for documents (university requirement) and Illustrator for drawing/diagrams (professional norm). That is what archaeologists use. End of argument, I was told when Inkscape was suggested.

When it comes to CMYK, I can not understand why that is so far down the priorities. Even a decent third party plugin. The old Inkscape 0.48 had a slow but workable CMYK extension, no worthwhile support, so it died. I suppose in the meantime there is Krita, IMHO horrible interface.

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