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fixing faded picture
I have a 50+ year old color photo that has faded badly, now scanned in.   Mainly, the picture is just yellowish.  The greens do not look much green.  The blue does not look much like blue.  There is some red.  

Is there a way to say 'just make the color more vivid'?
Post -if you can- one image or part of it.
Someone will give it a try and see whether there is a "generalized" way of improving it.
You can use the Hue-Saturation tool to increase the saturation (and maybe shift the hue a bit).
Here is a small version of the picture.
If using Gimp 2.10 ( I hope you are ) it is worth upping the bit depth Image -> precision -> 16 bit
& linear light. screenshot:
Then Colors -> Auto -> White Balance
Finish off with Colors -> Hue-Saturation Adjust the hue to suit.
Thanks, that helped a lot.

I also tried it with some black and white pictures... the white balance helped tremendously.

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