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I have 2.10.6 flatpak.  I need the normal map plugin.  I can install it with the synaptic manager, but I have no idea where it is now.  I don't have 2.8 anymore. Any ideas?
Ok I installed 2.8 and the normal map plugin with the synaptic manager. It works, and that is good, but my default .gimp2.8 plugins folder is empty. Does anyone know where the synaptic installer puts the normal map plugin?
I have just seen your edit: Gimp plugins installed via synaptic go in the Gimp system folder /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/ but you will need more than that for the flatpak.


Got it working here (k)ubuntu 16.04 Gimp 2.10.6 flatpak. The usual hunt for the missing lib files to add to the gnome runtime.

The files are zipped here

The normalmap file goes in your Gimp profile plug-ins folder.

The seven files in the org-gnome-lib-files folder go in the runtime


They should unzip with permissions already set but check anyway.

Works here but I might have the odd extra file that is not in your flatpak installation. So the usual guarantee - there is none.
If the plugin does not show in Filters -> Map , run in a terminal to see what is missing.

Still the same 2012 plugin, looks like this in the flatpak:
/home/sam/.var/app/org.gimp.GIMP/config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins/normalmap: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So I need 

Is that how you figured out how to get it working, by running Gimp in a terminal and reading the error msg's?

How did you know what folder to put the files in? And how did you find the files? I did a search for and all I see are rpm files, which I think that means Redhat only.
Going back to my earlier post. Did you download the zip file?

That contains the normalmap plugin, which you now have in your Gimp 2.10 profile.

Also contains seven files

Go in the org.gnome runtime, in the ../files/lib folder. I think you installed a load of files there before for the gmic_gimp_gtk plugin, it is the same place. You will need to open a file manager as root for this.


Quote:Is that how you figured out how to get it working, by running Gimp in a terminal and reading the error msg's?

Exactly how I do it, normalmap a bit more difficult than others, All the files come from 'buntu 16.04, you need the actual binaries, not symbolic links so some renaming (already done in the zip) is needed.

The snag is I now have quite a few 'extra' lib files for various plugins, gmic, nufraw ..etc so my flatpak installation will behave a little different from a 'vanilla' one, Installing all those files for gmic, should go a long way.

edit: I thought you were using Mint, if you are using a redhat based distro, amazed that anything works.
It works! Thanks so much.

Initially I followed the path you gave, which was missing the final folder location. I blindly copied and followed the path. I was using the 'sudo' file manager, so I did not want to deviate at all. This raises a question: should I remove the 7 files from the earlier place that is wrong?

And I didn't read the names that closely, so I missed that file name was already present.

I was asking how you know because it doesn't help me in the long run if I don't understand how you know all of this, if every time I need something you just give me the answer. It would be nice if I understood how you know this.

And yes I am using Mint 18.0, not 18.3, which already has the Flatpak system set up. Given all the issues getting stuff to work with Flatpak, I wonder if it was a good idea to make current Gimp versions for Flatpak.
Remove the old 7 files if you feel up to it. They not very big and will not interfere anyway.

Getting these old plugins to work in flatpak is a pita, normalmap would show an error even though the lib file was installed, had to go back and look at dependencies.

Make sure you keep all those extra files handy. When Gimp updates to 2.10.8 and that might be soon, you will need to put all those files back in. At least that what happened last time. Not difficult for me, zapped the whole lot over in one go.

Just been looking at a Gimp snap installation. What a waste of time, even worse than flatpak, just does not run.

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